NinfiaThe February issue of the popular CoroCoro magazine has been leaked, revealing small tidbits of the new Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y. We’ve known the starter Pokemon for quite a while, but it looks like fan-favorite Eevee is getting a new evolution this time around, called Ninfia. It’s unknown what type Ninfia is, but it looks like a Normal or Flying type, though Dragon or Bug types are not out of the question.

We caught a glimpse of what Ninfia would look like a few months ago in the Pikachu and Eevee Friends poster. Just look for the bow that’s plastered across Ninfia’s face. I’m willing to bet that the American translation will be ‘Ninfeon’ or something similar, because Eevee relatives Glaceon and Leafeon are translated as ‘Glacia’ and ‘Leafia’ in Japanese. What’s interesting is that they’re going back to the ‘old Pokemon get new evolutions’ well they went to in Generation IV (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum). Heck, how it’s supposed to evolve is unknown – if it’s a Normal type, what, do we just level Eevee up to a certain point? Either way, color me interested.

And that’s how it happened.

Also showcased was the new Pokemon movie featuring Genesect, this time incorporating Mewtwo for a third time, and is specifically translated as Extremespeed Genesect and Mewtwo’s Awakening. I was a huge fan of the Mewtwo films, specifically the first movie, so a battle between two artificial Pokemon creations could be very interesting.