Afghanistan is a big place, and it’s teeming with soldiers who need our help here at Operation Supply Drop to stay motivated, finish the fight and come home ready to re-integrate back into society.  However, there are places all over the world where there’s no ongoing conflict, but are 3-5 minutes away from shocking levels of anti-American hate and violence (see also: Benghazi).

Following the attack on the consulate at Benghazi, it occurred to me that Embassies overseas in high threat locales are as much a part of the war on terror as the guys driving up-armored HUMVEEs around Kabul and Kandahar.  I reached out to my contacts at the State Department (yes, I have those) and asked if they’d be interested in receiving a little support from Operation Supply Drop in the form of one of our SANTA ACTUAL 2 holiday Christmas packages.

They identified the Marine security detachment in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, and we sent them a box of goodies for care package code name DIGITAL CLIFF; apparently life in Ethiopia is about as fun as that sounds and they’re quite happy:

Sorry for the late update had a problem uploading the pictures to my computer. Myself and the Marines at Detachment Addis Ababa thank you for taking the time to not only think about us but also sending us all this great stuff that has been put to use ever since the day we received it! 

We’re gearing up for our 24-hour League of Legends charity gamernight on February 23rd for our full February care packages, FLASH IGNITE (psst…prize giveaways!) We’re also raffling off a PAX East 3-day badge and the badge will be raffled during the 24-hour gamernight!

If you’d like to help us out with one helping fill one of these care packages, here are four ways you can donate:

1) Use the Chipin link on the front of Front Towards  OR
2) Use the Chipin link on the front page of Operation Supply  OR
3) Make a Paypal donation to
4) If you don’t want to send cash, you can simply send your used games or gear to the following address to make the next care package:

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