Metal Gear RisingWith the recent release of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, there’s the revelation that there are a hell of a lot of collectibles to go through. Let’s begin with possibly the most important achievement in Metal Gear Rising – Data Mining. To get this achievement you must find all the laptops with special VR missions on them. They aren’t terribly difficult to find, but there are a whopping twenty to get your hands on. Unlock them all and you’ll get all the VR missions. I recommend using ninja vision to get a clearer perspective on where items are. So let’s get started.

You’ll find the first file right from the get go. Once you’re chasing Sundowner, look for a sewer grate on the ground. Slide your way in there, and it’s right in the muck, ready for mining.

Later in the mission on the train, right before you enter the cutscene, turn around. You’ll find the data unit right against the train wall.

Once you’re in the mansion, look up. You’ll find a chandelere ripe for slicing. Cut it up and the data piece will fall to the ground.

After you face down the Gekko, go into your ninja vision mode. You’ll see a blue-tinted box. To open this box, you have to go into Zan Datsu mode and cut it to open. Cut it and the data piece hops right out. You’ll see a few more of these as the game goes on.

After beating the cybernetic wolf, there should be a small building toward the left side. Cut the door down and you’ll see the data piece clear as crystal.

In the first camera-laser room, go across the room and take a right.  It’s sitting right there. Again, use the ninja-vision to be extra-sure.

While you’re in the sewers, after receiving the trademarked cardboard box, you gotta start getting stealthy. On the giant metal pipes, you’ll find another blue chest. Enter Zan Datsu, cut it up, and #7 will be waiting.

After taking control of the Dwarf Gekko, go to the farthest corner in the back of the room. Jump through some tight crevices and the data piece is yours.

Still playing as a Dwarf Gekko, look for a vent toward the center of the room. The data piece is sitting in the center of the vent.

At the beginning of Chapter 3, look for the giant glass bridge.  Run across it, and at the top, you’ll find the data piece.

This is the hardest one. A random flying enemy will try to fly past you once you get toward the tops of buildings. Cut him up and he’ll drop the data piece. Careful, as it’s easy for him to just fly past you into oblivion.

Once you’re in complete darkness in the tunnels, wait until you’re around 55 meters away from the objective. Take a left over the giant crate and you’ll find the data storage in front of some rubble.

Once you’re in what’s basically town square, don’t destroy everything right when you start. Jump onto the coffee stand, and then hop to the sign on the building. Use ninja run to get to the scaffolding that holds the thirteenth data piece.

At the start of Chapter 4, hop onto the pillar with rings around them. From the first one, hop onto the televisions to reach the second pillar. Boom. I’t’s yours.

When you begin in the garden, climb the building and look for a familiar blue chest toward the back of it, immediately before the exit.. Slice it up and collect your reward.

 Once your friends tell you to get off the burning elevator, don’t do it. Kill all the enemies that show up. The last enemy drops it. NOW you get the hell out of there.

 Don’t chase after Sundowner after one of the huge plot rooms. Run around the room through the ramps until you find a strange looking tower, and leap across some of the pipes, and back to the ground, where you’ll find another blue box. Cut it to pieces and the data piece is yours. Again, use your ninja vision when you’re looking for these things, it can get confusing.

At the start of Chapter 5, look for a trash can by the white bus. Slice it up and it’ll drop the data piece.

At the start of Chapter 7, run up some red boxes and jump onto a green scaffolding. It’s right at the end.

Once you’re in the hangar, the last piece is above a giant helicopter. To get on it you’ll have to climb some red boxes and ninja dash your way to the helicopter blades.

To get the achievement you have to finish the mission you’re on. I can’t state enough that you should use your ninja vision to see these hidden collectibles with a bit more clarity. Credit goes to Somewhat Awesome Films for clear enough images of what I’m describing. Keep your eyes on Front Towards Gamer as we go through the other various collectibles spread throughout Metal Gear Rising.