Comic Station 215Ink Interview

In the realm of comic books it’s often the small independent publishers which take the creative risks that the big companies won’t. We had the chance to sit down with one such Publisher, 215Ink, who is based in Philadelphia, PA in a special Comic Station “one-shot” video interview.

215Ink Publishes some creative titles such as Flutter, Beware and Jesus Hates Zombies. Though their printed editions are limited, everything is done locally. They do have a web-presence for digital comics, which allows them some additional creative freedom. These smaller titles offer a surprising level of detail and quality in both writing and artwork.

This March a year’s worth or preparation comes to a head as 215Ink publishes their Ignition volume 1: The 215 Ink Anthology makes its debut. This 300-page collection features works from over 80 teams of writers and artists. While some are established, like the F.U.B.A.R team, but others are being published for the first time. This collection reminds us of the short-story anthologies that gave many science fiction writers their start. Anthologies like this offer the chance to sample works across many spectrums and may introduce readers to something they wouldn’t otherwise read.

To introduce 215Ink on this Comic Station one-shot we sat down with Michael Perkins who writes Beware for this video interview:

For more information, visit 215Ink’s Website. To view this interview on YouTube, see the Comic Station One-Shot: 215Ink Interview.

A sample of this interview, along with the weekly New Releases and Reviews for February 27th will be on Comic Station Issue #9.