assassin's creed IV, rumor, poster, black flag, pirates

Rumors have been circulating as to where Assassin’s Creed IV is going to take us. If recent news is to be believed, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (the rumored title) will be centering on the Golden Age of Pirates. This rumor-inducing poster (spotted by Kotaku) has also been revealed, lending further credence to the idea of Pirate’s Creed.

assassin's creed IV, rumor, poster, black flag, pirates

A new Assassin’s Creed game is welcome, of course, but what about that setting? We’ve weighed the pros and cons of a pirate-themed title, and some of them just might surprise you. Have a look!

(+) The era will definitely be entertaining. The Golden Age of Pirates? Yes, please! Interacting with the likes of Blackbeard and…um, other famous pirates would be fantastic. We just wished for a pirate setting for the next Sly Cooper game, but one for Assassin’s Creed IV would also fit the bill. Plus, the series is known for (at least trying to have) authenticity. The game could present a true look at pirates, not the fantastical Tinkerbell-chasing hook-hands we’re used to.

(–) On the other hand, the era could feel similar to Assassin’s Creed III‘s Revolutionary War. Hear us out. What did the Revolution have? Warring factions. What are pirates? A bunch of different factions constantly fighting each other. What was new about the Revolution’s weaponry? Rifles. What do pirates shoot? Pistols. We’re not saying it would be dull to experience these things again, but they wouldn’t be new.

(+) The setting offers exotic locations. The Mayan DLC missions in Assassin’s Creed III were great. Cruising the West Indies, looking for other exotic sites to explore would be a wise gameplay choice. Remember Tortuga from Pirates of the Caribbean? Now that would make a for a great free-running playground.

(–) On the other hand, naval combat is nothing special. Sorry, but Assassin’s Creed III‘s naval combat was not of the best quality. Assassin’s Creed IV could change that, and if the game does wind up being pirated-themed, it must. Regardless, we can’t shake the fact that the next game could be centered on the previous entry’s weakest feature.

(+) A pirate theme presents opportunities for new weapons and items. Pistols, bombs (which pirates pioneered), pegged prosthetics – these would make great tools for our pirate killer. Though Eagle Vision is handy, we can also see a spyglass and compass coming into play. And treasure maps? Oh, yes.

(–) Prepare for the pirate/ninja flame war. The previously rumored location for Assassin’s Creed IV was China. Were that the game’s setting, the next assassin would be from a ninja clan. If these pirate rumors are true, he’ll be from a very different trade. But that won’t stop forums from exploding with “AC Pirates vs. Ninjas!” threads. We’re just giving you a heads up.

Well, that’s our take on what can go right or wrong with Assassin’s Creed IV. Do you have other points to raise? Feel free to comment!