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Surprise podcast! After Curtis took a week hiatus to “get away from all of this”, Rafa, Ben, and Jon (“Sir” Jon, not “John” John) step up and deliver this gem. With talks of the Fast and the Furious series along with discussion on the future of gaming, it’s a wondrous 90-minute journey, so enjoy! And be sure to get back here for

Download Link: PCN-Gen:’Benny Take the Wheel (RIGHT CLICK SAVE-AS)

We’re happy to be back here at PCN-Gen, but we get quite a bit of our content from you, the listener, so feel free to leave a comment below or find us on our Twitter or the PCN-Gen Facebook page and provide feedback! We’re certainly going to do our best to return to form, which for us would be quite a feat, and we’re glad to be back! And be sure to bookmark the PCN-Gen area of FTG for our backlog as it constantly grows, in case you miss any episodes.

So sit back, relax, and let us invade your speakers (car or home), headphones, iphones or whatever you’re using!