mlg, major league gaming, jonathan wendel, fatality, fatal1ty, pro gaming, professional gamer, guinness world record, quake, painkiller, aliens vs predator, call of duty, doom 3, counter-strike, team fortress, modern warfare 2, world cyber games, CPL, true life, mtv, gamerfood, southern enterprises inc, creative labs, asrock, ocz technology, championship gaming series, video game hall of fame, book of world record, CPL, This week on the show, Shanghai Six sits down with gaming legend and the man who helped make the professional gaming scene what it has become today, Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel!  Fatal1ty talks about how he made his start fighting his way through the early days of pro gaming before pro gaming was actually a thing and what Fatal1ty is now filling his days with since dropping from the tournament chase (apparently, setting a Guinness world record was just to get his way of getting started!)

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Fatal1ty Home Page
Fatal1ty Twitch stream

Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga : (@ShanghaiSix)

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