In the 1940’s the US and Great Britain banded together in order to research and create the atomic bomb, but would it surprise you to know that wasn’t the only thing they did. In The Manhattan Projects, a comic about revisionist’s history, we get a glimpse at what really went on behind the closed and heavily guarded doors at Los Alamos Laboratory.

The Manhattan Projects review

Like Russian space dogs peeing on supercomputers.

The Manhattan Projects #9: Brave New World deals with the aftermath of the events of the last few books and gives us a brief glimpse of what is to come in The Manhattan Projects. The last issue showed what, at the time, seemed a difficult challenge to overcome, a challenge that would take a few issues to solve but by the end of this book its all tied up with a nice little bow. While this makes me excited to see what’s actually planned for the next arc (the last page also makes me pretty giddy with anticipation), it feels as though it was rushed so that it could be done and over with and if the solutions to these problems weren’t so grotesquely hilarious, it might bother me a little bit more.

The Manhattan Projects review

You don’t mess with Albert Einstein and get away with it!

Though much of this issue was dealing with consequences or setting up the next story arc, the issue managed to do quite a bit. Issues like this usually aren’t much more than filler, so this came as pleasant surprise, continuing the series’ habit of going way above and beyond readers’ expectation.

The art is as fantastic as ever, with great detail and a style that gives this book a very unique look. With the consistent level of detail in The Manhattan Projects, it’s impressive that the artist has been able to keep the art looking this great. I love the use of color, it makes what would otherwise be a throwaway scene into something that makes me stop and look. Mixed with the amount of detail, it makes this book one of my favorites in terms of art.

The Manhattan Projects review

Just look at the detail in those intestines!

Brave New World is another great issue in an amazingly bizarre and interesting series. If you are invested in The Manhattan Projects at all, its a given: you should read this issue. The art is superb, and in my opinion some of the best out there. The story, apart from the convenient resolutions, continues to amaze and put my attention in a stranglehold that doesn’t let up until the last page. The outcome of this issue left me wondering where this could possibly be headed, in a good way. The possibilities are literally endless. Pick The Manhattan Projects up if you haven’t yet. And if you are up to date, strap in – this is going to be fun.

FTG Rating 8