Dead Island

After the debachery that was “torsogate” or whatever kids call a scandal these days, Dead Island Riptide is actually receiving some flack as it gets closer to the April 23rd release date. However, that was just special edition of the Borderlands-esque zombie basher, pre-order Dead Island Riptide and get two DLC packs costing $7 in total if a pre-purchase did not occur.

The first pack of DLC, called the Survivor pack (400 MP/ $5), includes XP/stat boosters, a shop with discounted merchandise, digital strategy map (track progress with friends, and an exclusive weapon creation. The “BBQ Blade” consists of a flaming sharp sword meant to, well, be a literal flame decal on a sword. The second pack, called Fashion Victim (160 MP/ $2), is nothing but skins for the five playable characters.

Pretty decent for a Pre-order incentive, but is the stat booster worth the instant gratification? Will it suppress the natural level progression and flow of the campaign? Or are we just over thinking?

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