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If you’ve been following the development of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamic’s Tomb Raider at all, you are likely aware of the odd juxtaposition between the developer’s desire for the player to “protect” Lara from harm only to have them absolutely dismantle Lara in some of the most grisly death sequences out there in this generation of gaming.  I know what you’re saying, “Those death sequences in the Dead Space franchise are particularly nasty!”  And you’d be right, except Issac Clarke is a burly middle aged man in a suit of armor, Lara Croft is an 18-year old co-ed in a tank top.  It’s one thing to see a necromorph vomit acid into Issac’s armored face, it’s another entirely to see a mercenary put a machete through Lara Croft’s unprotected throat.

Anyway, please to enjoy Lara being shot, stabbed, flattened, crushed, impaled, drowned, and gruesomely eviscerated in a multitude of ways to the Benny Hill theme, Yakity Sax!

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