The D&D MMORPG of Neverwinter offers another weekend of beta play before its upcoming release later this year. You could sign up for the beta before it ends this Sunday night at 11:59 pm at the Neverwinter site.

For those entering the beta, new things like an increased level cap of 40, playable Wizard class, and Foundry content allowing users to create their own quests and share. More details of each of the new beta features sit on the bottom of page for the 60 hours worth of gameplay access. Below is a fresh trailer about the enemy type of the undead, which surprisingly, isn’t just the boney and disfigured.

Control Wizard Class
Alongside three other previously playable classes (Guardian Fighter, Trickster Rogue, and Devoted Cleric), the Control Wizard makes its public debut. With an arsenal of arcane abilities, ranged attacks and AoE effects, Control Wizards are perfect additions to well-balanced parties.

New Zones, Level 40
Players can now test their combat skills up to a new level cap of 40 and in new zones, such as the burial grounds of Ebon Downs or the fortified monastery of Helm’s Hold. For those skilled enough to reach the Lair of the Mad Dragon, there’s an epic fight with… well, one can guess.

Play Foundry Content
The Foundry, a powerful and easy-to-use content creation tool, allows users to create, share and play their own quests and campaigns directly in the persistent game world. In Beta Weekend Two, players can access more adventures created by other gamers. Visit a well-informed Bar Maid, like the one in Driftwood Tavern, or check out one of the many Job Boards scattered throughout the city of Neverwinter to see the community’s first pass at Foundry content.

For guaranteed access to all Neverwinter’s Beta Weekends, along with a wide array of VIP perks and exclusive in-game items, players may purchase the Hero of the North Founder’s Pack or the Guardian of NeverwinterFounder’s Pack on the official website.

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