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If I told you about an open world zombie apocalypse game called State of Decay, you might be interested.  If I told you it had ridiculously deep role-playing and base building mechanics in it, it might grab your attention.  Now if I told you it was all that and coming out this summer on Xbox Live as a downloadable title put together by 22 people, you might go from interested to skeptical. “How could this possibly be?  Such a small team with such a big game with such a small price?”

Yes.  Yes to all these things, but having played an early build of the game at PAX Prime last year, I was shocked.  Could this tiny band of misfits over at Undead Labs pull it all together?  Microsoft believes in them, as they’re the ones publishing it; this looks like State of Decay might be the final gem in the Summer of Arcade crown before the next generation of consoles comes out.

So sit down and listen as the community manager for Undead Labs for State of Decay, Miss Sanya Weathers, gives us all the unbelievable detail behind State of Decay, what is hopefully to be one of the last best downloadable exclusives on the Xbox 360!

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State of Decay Home Page, Undead Labs

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