Pre-Order Plaza 12

Welcome to Pre-Order Plaza! A weekly roundup of what new and notable Games are releasing in the coming week. In addition to detailing special pre-order bonuses at each shopping venue, this “Plaza,” is meant for those last minute review-checkers and procrastinators who need a one-stop shop to compare competitive offers!

Check out this week’s slew of releases from Pre-Order Plaza #10!

Gears of War: Judgment                                              $59.99

X360                                      People Can Fly                 Microsoft

All Pre-orders below have…The Classic Hammerburst, firing six-round bursts!

Gamestop Young Marcus character skin, Lambent weapon skin, and, for PowerUp Rewards members, early access to OverRun mode

Best Buy Anya multiplayer skin and $20 credit from Gamers Club Unlocked members

Microsoft Store Alex Brand multiplayer skin and 1,600 Xbox Live points

Amazon Young Dom skin

Walmart Choice between Gears of War 2 or 3

Lego City Undercover                                                    $49.99

WiiU                                      TT Fusion                             Nintendo

Gamestop           Chase McCain Lego Figure!


The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct                        $49.99

X360/PS3/PC/WiiU          Terminal Reality                Activision

Amazon  $37.49! ($49.99) The “Walker Execution Pack” comprising of five bladed weapons of Survival Knife, Sawtoothed Machete, Kukri, Reinforced Hatchet, and Advanced Machete.

Gamestop For Xbox 360 and PS3 owners, a wave based “Herd Mode,” gifted along is Daryl’s walker ear necklace from the show.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate                                        $59.99/$39.99

WiiU/3DS                             Capcom                                Capcom

Gamestop Free digital strategy guide from BradyGames!

Amazon Buy both versions ($100) and receive a deduction of $20 off the order ($80)

Capcom Store A free black classic controller pro ($20 value) for the Wii U version


Trials Evolution: Gold Edition                                    $19.99

PC                           RedLynx/Ubisoft Shanghai          Ubisoft

Steam The Ability to play the Beta right now and get the “The Royal Ride” and military surplus outfits.

Resident Evil 6                                                                  $39.99

PC                                           Capcom                                Capcom

Steam Soundtrack, Artworks: Creature Design, Free copy of Resident Evil 5, and DLC Season pass on the house!


Pre-order less retail!

Need for Speed: Most Wanted                                 $59.99

WiiU                                      Criterion                              EA

The Croods: Prehistoric Party                     $29.99/$39.99

Wii/WiiU/DS/3DS             Torus Games     D3 Publisher

Dead or Alive 5 Plus                                       $39.99

Vita                                        Team Ninja                         Tecmo Koei


Whole mess of downloadables and DLC!

Alien Spidy                         $9.99

PC/X360/Mac                    Enigma Software              Kalypso Media

Assassin’s Creed III the Betrayal               $9.99

PC/PS3/X360                      Ubisoft                                 Ubisoft