Grimm Fairy Tale StPatricks Cover

As with most fairy tales, there’s a moral to be told. Grimm Fairy Tale from Zenescope has often taken the already twisted stories of our childhood and added their own special flare and personality, and this St. Patrick’s Day Special continues this legacy. On St. Patrick’s day there are many traditions besides the four-leaf clovers and green beer. There’s the rainbow, the pot of gold at its end and of course, the Leprechaun who jealously guards the their wealth.While recently this little guy has been one of mirth and tricks, the leprechaun has not always been so jovial.

Grimm Fairy Tales St. Patrick’s Day Special One-shot issue takes place in another of the holiday’s traditions: an Irish Pub. As is often the case, those who come to drown their sorrows have a tale to tell and that’s just what we get. A single overarching story takes place following our heroine, who had hoped to have the day off. Rather than getting a day of rest from hunting monsters she soon gets talked into hearing one story after another, until she soon knows she’s been dragged into yet another supernatural mystery.

GFT-StPatricks PotOfGold

Get’cher hands off me lucky charms!

Three patrons take their turn telling their tale of woe to our hero as she listens. As is often the case with Grimm Fairy Tale stories, there is a moral to each one. In this case, they all have center on the morality of greed. Whether the more straight-forward theft of wealth, stealing hearts to gain wealth or theft by lies, each person finds that shortly after obtaining their ill-gotten wealth a malady has fallen upon them. The moral of each story is plainly translated and easily relatable, as is often the case with Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tale stories.

St. Patrick’s Special is billed as a horror story – it has plenty of death – but because each person’s punishment fits their crime, and the beautiful art helps make this so much more palatable than some other horror stories. The artwork is as wonderfully drawn as usual, and there is plenty of eye-candy, but as with the stories they tell there’s more to it than just this outward appearance. Highly enjoyable, great artwork and easily digested stories with relatable moral lessons make this Grimm Fairy Tale: St. Patrick’s Day Special Oneshot suited to the titular holiday.

FTG Rating 7.5See the video review of Grimm Fairy Tale: St. Patrick’s Day Special on Comic Station Issue #11.