Dead Island Riptide

The newest trailer from Deep Silver’s flagship series, Dead Island Riptide, continues the story of the first within the day of rescue from the island of Banoi. In typical sequel fashion, the main four stumble upon another set of problems as the ship incarcerated in, gets invaded by the creatures and eventually crashes. And from the wreckage, they’re left to salvage the scraps and make due with the surround Amazonian area and defend it.

As the familiar setting kicks in, you’re greeted with new characters, playable and non, and another island to explore. Dead Island Riptide sinks on the Xbox 360 and PS3 this April 23rd. Also, stay tuned for our Pax coverage next week which we’ll have some sort of write ups on the sequel to 2010’s sleeper hit. Lastly, check out what Pre-Order offers the game has, if you’re into that.