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Defiance is the long awaited third-person MMO for PS3/360/PC from Trion Worlds (creators of Rift) that’s as ambitious as you could get. With a tie-in into SyFy’s show of the same name, Defiance aims to bring gamers into a destroyed, altered San Francisco area with a story of invasion and tactical deployment. With a zealous idea, enough of buildup, and a release merely weeks away, Defiance is now in beta, and we got to spend some time messing around in its world!

The PS+ beta runs from the 3/19 to 3/25, while the PC and 360 beta starts 3/22 and runs until 3/27. Be sure to head to Defiance‘s website to learn how you can in on the fun, and help your friends destroy the incoming threat. If you want more of our Watch This series, head here