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A leak from Japan’s Shonen Jump magazine has let it be known that the entire Final Fantasy X tale will be included on the remake’s release when it hit shelves, whenever that may be. Announced at Tokyo Game Show a little over a year ago, Final Fantasy X’s HD remake sent a squeal of joy over PS2 JRPG fans that enjoyed the game’s first run back in the summer of 2001. With over 6 million copies sold worldwide, FFX was a success for the PS2 and Square-Enix; Final Fantasy X-2 was huge for the series as well, being the first direct sequel any of the numeral games had seen. A feat now that’s pretty much become standard for newer games in the franchise.

But not all is great news for Vita owners; you’ll still need to buy the two games separate. PS3 owners will be the only one’s capable of playing the complete Final Fantasy X journey on disc, with no additional purchases. Of course, that could mean an increased MSRP as a result, I wouldn’t be surprised in Square-Enix tries to slap a $50-$60 price on the set, whereas the Vita game will be $30-$40 per game (they’re pretty lauded for upping their re-release costs). Regardless, no other details have been divulged as to whether we’ll even get the FFX/X-2 bundle in the US or EU, but it’s safe to say “yes”, it’ll probably happen. If it’s already on the PS3 disc, why cut that content out to willing customers? Expect more to develop as the magazine hits shelves this week, and E3 and TGS reach us over the coming months.

UPDATE: Square-Enix has officially unveiled this for the US and EU territories. Links to the Final Fantasy X & X-2 Amazon pre-order page shows it will indeed be $40 at launch (though no release date is known currently)! The official website says an announcement trailer is due March 25th, the first day of GDC, so let’s hope that’s when we’ll get a concrete release date.

SOURCE: Eurogamer:” Final Fantasy 10 HD includes 10-2 HD on PS3″