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Going through a level in Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is pretty fun, but even more interesting than that is attempting to go through an entire level without missing a shot.  While this sounds like a challenge, depending on which chapter you load up, this turns out not to be nearly as difficult as it sounds.  Being the crazy person I am, I am playing through the game on the hardest available difficulty, which means this achievement is even more difficult to get.  There is no happy little red dot bouncing around the screen to show you let you adjust for wind and elevation, but the good news is that loading up the right chapter (I’ll tell you in the video, have to watch the video!), there is a full chapter where there isn’t a shot over 600 meters.  Generally speaking, even when the wind is at full tilt, if the shot is under 300 meters, you don’t have to adjust your sights at all; if you put an enemy in your crosshairs, you kill them.  And Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 isn’t the kind of realistic sniper simulation where they take extremity shots into consideration often; you hit a target anywhere, nine times out of ten, they’re dead.

So let’s roll out that footage!

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