Pax video image 720Few games garner as much praise in the gaming world as much as DuckTales does. The Disney-Capcom joint is one of the 2D platformer greats, and for good reason. The animation, sound, and most of all, charm, all stand the test of time. Capcom hasn’t had it easy over the last couple years. They’ve made some questionable business decisions, but after the PAX East 2013 panel, it’s safe to say that Capcom knows who they’re making games for. DuckTales Remastered, unveiled at the Capcom PAX East 2013 panel, is what every retro gamer has dreamed of, and plays better than you’d ever imagine.

There are very, very few things going wrong with this title, which shows that Capcom’s been fine-tuning this for quite a while. Capcom’s Mega Man fanatic and community manager Brett Elston even stated that he was told about it the day he was hired, almost two years ago. The time invested into DuckTales Remastered is clear, as all the puzzle pieces fit remarkably well. It’s a pure remake of the NES classic, with a remarkably gorgeous aesthetic style. Everything looks completely hand-drawn and beautiful. All the environments are pulled right from the game and done in this amazing style. Plus, Capcom got WayForward to dish out the entire package. You can’t go wrong with that.



The goodness isn’t over with the visuals. DuckTales Remastered is an audible treat, as well. The voice work in the game is all handled by the original DuckTales voice actors, and the music sounds clearer than the NES game ever did. Particular care is being taken to one of the most illustrious tunes in the game, The Moon. As a fan of game music in general, I’m glad they kept the spirit of the soundtrack alive and well. The sound still matches how you handled the game back in the 80s. Speaking of which, the game plays just like you remember. After playing, I caught glimpses of Capcom’s Chris Antista being a damned boss at the game, playing it better than most ever would. There are still some bugs to work out, but the game already feels like it could come out tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 7.41.46 PMFrom what I played, I can definitely say that DuckTales Remastered lives up to the insane amounts of hype given to it. Everything melds perfectly, from the gorgeous artwork to the remixed audio, The $15 entry is well worth it, even if you have never heard of DuckTales (which pretty much makes you a monster), The game’s launching Summer 2013, and I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more details. Woo-oo!