Stage Five TV, series, red 5We told you about the Firefall overhaul earlier, but Red 5 Studios had another huge announcement at their media event. Stage 5 TV is an internet channel devoted to series gamers will love. It’s like a reborn G4 without all the college cop dramas.

In Red 5’s words, the series of Stage 5 TV are of network quality, and from what we’ve seen, they’re not blowing too much smoke. One such series, Rise of the Indies, chronicles the development of independent games. Another, Project Cosplay, gives an inside look on what it takes to put together professional cosplay oufits. The clear standout, and what Red 5 called the flagship program, is GameChangers: they dubbed it “MythBusters meets Top Gear meets games.” And while Rooster Teeth technically got that ball rolling with Immersion, GameChangers is rolling the ball all the way down the Temple of Doom slope. Hosted by former American Gladiator Lee Rehermen, Team Unicorn’s Michelle Boyd, and Ryan Welsh of e-sports fame, it’s a piece of surprisingly entertaining and quality web footage.

So it’s not just a Firefall overhaul Red 5 brought along this year – it’s Stage 5 TV, an entire freakin’ internet channel. Oh, and that channel is coming to iOS, Android, YouTube, and even the Ouya. On top of all that, it’s live right now. Check out some footage below, and head to the official Stage 5 TV website for more, more, more!