Deus Ex HR DC Feature

Deus Ex: Human Revolution burst on the scene to critical and consumer praise – in 2011. It’s now PAX East 2013 and Square Enix is releasing it again for the Wii-U. Having, like many others, already played through Human Revolution I was skeptical of what a Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut could really bring to the Wii-U. The word that came to mind: Port.

Not expecting much, I was initially happy to see that not only was the graphical integrity maintained but they actually went through and improved the graphics. Of course, there were the expected integration options with the Wii-U gamepad, with the ever-present mini-map and touchscreen inputs. When most people think about a port to the gamepad they picture maps and inventory. Maybe even some use of the gyroscope – honestly, nothing that particularly inspires awe. Deus Ex: HR Directors Cut has these features and more.

Deus Ex HR DC Image 1

Coming out after the original release and even some DLC, it’s not surprising that the “Directors Cut” would contain the entire catalog of bonus content and DLC. Still nothing that piqued my interest – that is, until I delved deeper. Since this version was coming out so much later than the original Deus Ex: HR the team at Eidos Montreal took the time to listen to player feedback and implement some of their ideas.

First and foremost, the most pleasing change came at the Boss Battles. The uninspired straightforward shootouts have been modded and improved with greater verticality to allow for winning scenarios beyond a gunfight. Now there are hacking, stealth and non-lethal Boss Battle options. Some of the other improvements include a in-game strategy guide, the ability to throw-back grenades with a swipe and even an additional augment to add enemy life bar and other indicators to the Smart Vision augmentation  Since the Wii-U doesn’t support achievements the team at Eidos included some of their own and even a social aspect with the inclusion of a “info log”. Info Logs are the ability to take video or voice recordings and leave them for friends to find. Either leaving tips or bragging rights. Done before, but a nice added feature to supplement the social experience.

Deus Ex HR DC Image 2

If you haven’t played it before or really wish for something to bolster the Wii-U catalog, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut offers enough improved to be tempting. Of course if you’re a huge fan, maybe the 8 hours of “director commentary” from the development team and 45 minutes “making of” video might sway you? For those who have already played and moved on, unless really looking for something to to add to your Wii-U shelf, it’s probably not enough to repurchase.

Unfortunately, there were no plans to release these improved Boss Battles and other additions to existing PC and other-Console versions at this time, but hopefully such a patch could be made to satisfy existing fans and maybe bring some back for another tour. In the end, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut fixes a number of issues, small and large, from the previous releases while adding some interesting new social features. It’s not too little, but is it too late?

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