Primal CarnageTotally unexpected to be coming to the PlayStation 4 is Primal Carnage Genesis. The underrated and underbaked dinosaur/human hunter PC game sequel sets its sights for a story driven, open world, primarily human game.

At Sony’s Game Development Conference (GDC) event, a teaser video of a T-Rex escaping their watery cage foreboded the room as the tail end (hurr) of the trailer unveiled “Immersive Episodic Single-Player.” Siphoned from various outlets, Destructoid nabbed founder of Lukewarm Media, Aston Andersen, for a quick quote.

“As the gameplay itself will feature a mix of linear gameplay and open-world exploration from a first-person human perspective, next-generation rendering is key to selling the lush island environment and suspending the disbelief that these dinosaurs aren’t actually, well, real.”

Another outlet, Joystiq, found the founder for an estimate on the release of Primal Carnage Genesis. “We’re going to shoot for being a launch title” said Aston Andersen. In addition to a Fall 2013 release, he also told Joystiq of a PC version appearing two to three months later.

Ambitious to seemingly override the straight multiplayer concept for a full-on single player experience, not just a campaign, but an episodic story giving a taste of the Jurassic upon release. We’ll hopefully see more from Primal Carnage Genesis as the year drags on, until then, check out our review of the original Primal Carnage. Although, we can’t help but predict/hope for Far Cry 3 with Dinosaurs, right?