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Following the final “boss fight” in Bioshock Infinite, make sure you strap your brainpans on good and tight and get ready to have your mind asploded.  When dealing with quantum physics and mechanics, anything is possible, and if the final sequence shows, you probably couldn’t have seen what was coming.  Even as the end credits are rolling, you’ll be sitting there wondering to yourself, “Did that….wait a minute…if Booker is…and Elizabeth was…and the twins were…what in the hell just happened again?”

I won’t keep after it; as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and watching this video is worth many more thousand than that.  Feel free to click on and watch it many, many times as you let it all sink into your grey matter.  Oh, and make sure to stay for the whole thing for the stinger at the end after the credits (which then asks more questions than answers):

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