Outside of the final “boss battle”, the Lady Comstock trio of boss fights in Bioshock Infinite are simply impossible to do in 1999 difficulty using conventional tactics.  They are literally impossible.  Lady Comstock’s ability to raise the dead over and over again, no matter how badly you evisterate her minions makes for a frustratingly difficult fight when ammo conservation is critical at this difficulty.  And of course, you getting knocked out just gives her back all her health, so it’s not like you can just quickly get downed and get all your ammo back.  No, 1999 difficulty is no joke and this first Lady Comstock fight nearly made me want to hang up the towel and call it a day.  But fret not!  She can be defeated in a surprisingly simple fashion…but probably not one you’re going to expect at 1999 difficulty!  Can you say, “CHAAAAARGE!”

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  • Lucas Whitehead

    that was a good idea guy