Pre-Order Plaza 14

Welcome to Pre-Order Plaza! A weekly roundup of what new and notable Games are releasing in the coming week. In addition to detailing special pre-order bonuses at each shopping venue, this “Plaza,” is meant for those last minute review-checkers and procrastinators who need a one-stop shop to compare competitive offers!

Check out the week where interesting games came out in Pre-Order Plaza #12!

Injustice: Gods Among Us                           $59.99

PS3/X360/WiiU                 NetherRealm Studios     Warner Bros

Best Buy              Batman Skin based on the Blackest Night story

Zombie Mode, zombifying the characters

On top of the $20 credit for Gamers Club Unlocked members

Amazon               $10 Credit and the first issue

GameStop          Red Son Pack containing skins for Superman, Wonder Woman, and Solomon Grundy, and 20 missions set within the Red Son Storyline.

WalMart              Play with Arkham City skins for Batman, Catwoman, and Joker, then, an insulting copy of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.


Sacred Citadel                   $14.99

PC/PS3/X360                      SouthEnd Interactive     Deep Silver

Steam   10% off! ($13.49)


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Soul Hackers                      $39.99

3DS                                        Atlus                                      Atlus

GameStop          Soundtrack! To the Game!

Amazon               Same thing!

Best Buy              Same thing again!


God Mode                                          $9.99

PC/X360                               Old School Games           Atlus

Steam   10% off! ($8.99)


Star Wars The Old Republic Rise of the Hutt Cartel                          $19.99

PC                                           Bioware                               EA

Interface!            Obtain Mini-Pet of Makrin Seedling, Holostatue of Dr. Oggurobb, and title of “Scourge of the Hutts.”

Subscribers save 50% off the regular price ($9.99)


Papo & Yo                                                    $14.99

PC                                           Minority Media Inc                          Minority Media

Steam   10% off! ($13.49)


Victoria II: Heart of Darkness                     $19.99

PC                                           Paradox Dev Studio        Paradox Interactive

Steam?                 Victoria I Complete free and 75% discount for the previous DLC titles


Pre-Order less Retail!

Pandora’s Tower                                                              $39.99

Wii???                                     Ganbarion                           Nintendo



Whole mess of downloadables and DLC!

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall                                  $10

Pc/X360/PS3                      Arkane Studios                                 Bethesda


Black Ops II Uprising Map Pack                                  $15

X360                                      Treyarch                              Activision