Marvel Heroes Giveaway

We recently sat down in an interview with Stephen Reid, the Community Manager from Gazillion Entertainment to discuss their upcoming Marvel Heroes game. Marvel Heroes is a MMORPG that allows players to not only fight their favorite villains from the Marvel Universe, but play as their favorite heroes while doing so. Whether playing as Iron Man, Wolverine or Thor the magicians at Marvel and Gazillion have worked to create a detailed and right world for players to explore, all written by the esteemed Brian Michael Bendis.

It’s all free-to-play, but characters can either be found as rare loot drops or purchased along with various costumes. No story or pay-gates here! While Marvel Heroes won’t be coming out till June 4th, there are closed beta sessions going on right now to explore. We have multiple beta access codes to giveaway, so tell your friends and go assemble your own team of Ultimate Avengers!

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