Injustice Gods Among Us

In a GameInformer interview with NetherRealm Head, Ed Boon, Injustice Gods Among Us will not be including new stages. In addition to quelling the transforming and interactive levels, Boon doubts any further DC Comic characters being included to the 20+ cast. Read the full snippet below.

There are currently no plans to add new stages for DLC. We are going to have at least four characters…Beyond the four, there isn’t anything we can announce. I certainly don’t think I can safely say that it’s four and only four. The DLC characters for Mortal Kombat exceeded everybody’s expectations. I suppose there is a certain point in time where we can say that there won’t be more. I don’t think we’ll be releasing DLC characters two years from now. At some point, we’ve got to jump on our next game.

Costumes were another thing of note, Boon stated they (NetherRealm) wanted to the DLC characters to be accessible and compatible with everyone, so they’ll be offering free costumes by way of content updates.

This game has literally over 100 costumes between pre-order stuff, the ones you can buy, and the ones packed in the game. There’s a ton of them. Giving people costumes is the way we can push the other content. For instance, if you download Lobo, we want it so you can play Lobo against me, but I need to have the Lobo content on my machine for you to use him against me. The way we’re going to do that is to give away costumes. When you get your free costumes, you’ll also get the necessary content to be compatible with everyone, so there’s no issue of people not having downloads.

Injustice Gods Among Us is awaiting a review, so be a dear and watch the unboxing video of the collector’s edition!

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