Unleashed Feature

The Grimm Fairy Tales universe has seen it’s fair share of near-world-ending catastrophes and threats. With their unique take on the classic fairy tales, it’s a whole new world. Each character is given a modern twist and expanded plot beyond their origins. In the latest arc, a new enemy has risen that makes the Dark One look like a boyscout. As the primary series title, Unleashed #1, officially kicks off the Unleashed arc with five other crossover titles that will add story on the side.

Not one to kick things off small, Unleashed #1 starts right off with a fight between Gods. In an attempt to avert disaster, Zeus, Neptune and the Grimm Fairy Tale’s addition, Heather fight a mysterious new being who has already killed one of their own. Nothing like a fight with a being that can kill Gods to get things rolling. Besides this, he opens a portal to all of the creatures of fairy tale nightmares: vampires, werewolves and countless others.

Unleashed Creatures

The creatures aren’t the only ones back; Liesel Van Helsing makes her return. The enemy – known simply as The Being – isn’t afraid to make a dramatic and unlikely appearance directly in-front of Sela and Van Helsing. Though they fight admirably, they are not a match for him. After a rescue from an unlikely friend, things go from bad to worse.

As with most of Zenescope’s comic lineup, Unleashed is beautifully drawn. Though these books feature fairy tales, these are not the childhood stories some might expect; they are mature content. Though never more than salacious, Zenescope has been known to feature fan service of various degrees. Surprisingly, in a good way, Unleashed does not feature much in the way of ripping clothes or strategically positioned points-of-view and instead concentrates on offering a deep mystery with many moving parts in this twisted plot. There’s more to this series than just good looks. There is plenty of action, mystery, and intrigue to keep everyone busy.

The Being has been busy: releasing the old magic back into the world and threatening not only the fairy tales, but the entire world. It’s an epic start to a new chapter in the Grimm Fairy Tale saga. The addition of classical creatures in the already diverse and amazingly storyline of Grimm makes the Unleashed arc incredibly monumental and promises much more in future issues. There are five other crossover titles that hint at the creatures and dangers that will befall the guardians of the world: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, and Zombies. After the well paced and impressive amount of setup that Unleashed #1 establishes, I can’t wait to see what the Huntresses do next.

FTG Rating 8.5If you like Unleashed check out the St, Patricks Day Special from Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tale line we reviewed as well.