FTGR Wednesday Traffic Chopper Flipdock

This week’s Front Towards Gamer Radio got so racy that audio editor Dingledodie77 had to delete giant chunks of conversations about same sex marriage, why Hitler wasn’t all that bad of a guy, proper use of the “N” word.  However, what you’ve got left is yet another episode of Front Towards Gamer Radio’s “Wednesday” Traffic Chopper (yup, coming out on a Thursday, as per the standard), where Gamergirl talks about watching all the latest and greatest games (no, not playing them), Quinn and Gigi chattering back and forth about how awesome Aquaman is in Injustice: Gods Among Us, while Shanghai Six really wants to talk about his time with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, but instead natters on about the usual League of Legends noise as well as the “meh” worthy XBLA downloadable title Sacred Citadel.

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Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga: (@ShanghaiSix)
XXXXXXX “Gamergirl” XXXXXXXX: (@GamerGirlTalk)
Quinn “Soulibon” Sullivan (@Soulibon)

Audio Editing: XXXXX “dingledodie” XXXXXXXXXXX: (@dingledodie77)

Intro Music: “Bulls of Parade” (chiptune) by Dakota Clark
Community Segment Music: “Fansong” by Dethklok
Outro Music: “To Be Loved” by Papa Roach

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