HellraidThe folks behind two of the most flawed-fun games of this generation, Dead Island, teased their new game of Hellraid. Techland has also unveiled some info on the Raid on Hell with four-player multiplayer being present as the four classes of Warrior, Mage, Paladin, and Rogue lead the way for actual dungeon crawls. The environments are open-world, to no one’s surprise, yet slightly drawn back compared to Dead Island.

Set to release this year (Xbox 360, PS3, PC), Techland continues to shop around for a publisher, but not for the same reasons other developers as noted by Marketing Director, Pawel Kopinski.

We’re financing the entire production ourselves, so we don’t need any external funds and a publisher…  On the other hand, at some stage we’ll be talking with publishers, distributors, and we’ll see who will propose a partnership that won’t impact Hellraid in a negative way. We just have an idea that we want to sell with no external interference.”

From the teaser, we’ve devised a simple math equation to further evaluate the game.

Elder Scroll’s Oblivion’s setting (Medieval, magic, skeletons, ghost knights) + Dead Island’s Combat (Shaky perspective, momentum of swing, zombies dressed as ghouls) = Hellraid

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