Injustice Gods Among Us

As most know by now, Injustice Gods Among Us gave us a competent fighting game for DC Comics couple of weeks ago, now we get the piecemeal bits of DLC months following.This past week, we saw the release of the first newbie to the supercast of Lobo. If you can stomach his $5 price tag, the space bounty hunter has a few tricks up his sleeve. Well, a shotgun and a chain whip wouldn’t necessarily be called “Tricks,” but what else does he has to offer besides being a bastardization of Blanka and Ghost Rider?

Luckily, the team at Neatherrealm crafted a trailer to understand the character and his history within the universe. In the video below, get a sense of the “Main Man,” then see why he murdered his entire race of people (hint: why not). And please do check out our Injustice Gods Among Us review because why not?

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