KillzoneIn sweat-wiping relief, Killzone Mercenary releases a week earlier from the Grand Theft Auto 5-infused week of September 17th. Mark Green, senior producer at Guerrilla Cambridge, detailed the news from the PlayStation Blog about the next Killzone installment.

“With each passing week, we edge closer to the launch of Killzone: Mercenary, the first PlayStation Vita entry in the acclaimed series. Contrary to convention,Mercenary is also edging a bit toward us: we can today confirm a new North American release date of September 10th — a week earlier than our previous target.”

The next handheld entry of the series also hobbles along with a new trailer. The contents of such trailer includes a bald, shadowy figure (speaking in a slight, generic Russian accent) describing his clients as “Men of Business” with an abundance of white-collar analogies!

See what the subsidy of the main Killzone developer, Guerrilla Cambridge, has in store this September 10th on the PlayStation Vita.