KillzoneIn the same post by the PlayStation Blog, Killzone Mercenary changed the release date, got a blood-soaked trailer for us to look at, and now Pre-Order bonuses. The rewards entail XP boosts, cash, and another weapon to add to your arsenal at a particular retailer.

The “Blackjack’s Briefcase” bonus hands early adopters with a 48-hour (real time) code to double earnings (Double XP) from missions, bonuses, and payoffs. Then an undisclosed amount of currency guarantees to start the game off on a wealthy note. Mark Green, senior producer at Guerrilla Cambridge, has more to say.

“Start the game and go straight to the armory! With this bonus payout, you’ll have enough Vektan Cash to pick up a new weapon before you even step foot on the battlefield.”

As for the retailer-specific weapon, GameStop nabs the exclusive weapon of the M224-A1, a light machine gun of the ISA, for the campaign and multiplayer.

Killzone Mercenary drops this September 10th for the PlayStation Vita.