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In a conference call with WildStar developer Carbine Studios yesterday, we learned a ton of new information regarding the game’s last two paths: the Scientist and the Settler. These are the final two of the game’s four paths, and they offer yet another fresh take on MMO tropes.

For those out of the loop, paths are WildStar‘s main way of differentiating its gameplay from other MMOs. There are four paths in the game, each representing a common play style. This is how Carbine allows players to “play the way they want to play.” We knew about the game’s first two paths already: the Explorer focused on platforming and reaching hidden areas, and the Soldier was a pure combat machine. Experience based on these play styles, called Path XP, can be earned. The same goes for the Scientist and the Explorer.

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The Scientist is based on the “completionist” gamer, the guy who wants to collect everything and mark off his checklist. In WildStar, this comes in the form of lore on Nexus, the game’s main planet. The Scanbot, a metallic companion for any Scientist player, can scan objects like minerals and organisms to obtain this data. Entries are then put into the Archives, which Carbine has stated serve as a “Wikipedia” for the game. Where the Explorer play style is based on challenging jumps around old ruins, the Scientist is concerned with learning why the building became ruined in the first place.

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The Settler path is for WildStar players who want to give others support, and not just with healing spells or defense buffs. The Settler can interact with depots, found all over Nexus, to aid other players. Settlers can use depots to generate buffs or a repair station; once in place, any player can make use of the construct. The more that do, the more Path XP the Settler will earn. Settlers can also work together to create infrastructures, which are basically depots on steroids. Carbine explained that Settlers could come together to build a field hospital, offering aid to all players in the vicinity. When a herd of Soldiers goes into battle, a team of Settlers won’t be far behind.

Finally, Carbine explained how paths can work together to open new areas and earn Path XP. For example, an Explorer may traverse a chasm to open up a secret cave. Once opened, the Scientist can enter the cave and scan objects inside to boost his archives. Both players will earn XP for both actions just for being present. This cooperation is another key factor in WildStar gameplay.

With every path now detailed for WildStar, we are more excited than ever for the the game’s launch. Stay tuned to Front Towards Gamer for more information as it becomes available, and keep on MMO-ing in the free world!

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