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FTG Weekly Recap: The Biggest News Stories of the Week 05/20/13

FTG Weekly Recap

Keeping up with gaming news every day can be tough, luckily for you, we have you covered on the biggest and most important gaming news story of the week!

Batman Arkham Origins New Voice Actors and a Five-Minute Trailer of the Dark Knight Struggling

Batman Arkham Origins is one of the many prequels to conclude this console generation, and one to not hopefully not disappoint. With it, the story precedes Rocksteady’s versions for Warner Bros Montreal’s earlier take. We got a glimpse of that with the teaser we covered a week ago, this time, the teaser gets fleshed out for a full five minutes of wintery butt whooping.

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The Last of Us “Death and Choices” Dev Diary Closes in on the Crafting System

The Last of Us covered their caustic, infected forms on the last development series episode, this time the focus is on choices and death. Well, opposite of that, but the title is irrelevant.

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Watch Dogs North American Pre-Order Bonuses Reveal Hidden Missions

The two largest vendors vying for our Pre-orders of Amazon and GameStop battle once again with Watch Dogs. Ubisoft’s hack and hacker of a game holds unlockable content in the form of packs, consisting of exclusive boosts and specialized missions for each retailer.

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Xbox One Reveal Fails to Impress its Biggest Audience: Gamers

Microsoft has breen propping up the “Xbox Reveal” for weeks, and when it came right down to it, it failed to impress the biggest audience it has – gamers. The reason why? The hour-long circle jerk failed to feature substantial amounts of games. The Xbox One (Xbone for short, woof woof) is the name of the system. Alright, it’s not great, but it’s not completely stupid like “Xbox 720″ was. However, it went all downhill from there, after the various specs were detailed. 500gb hard drive? That’ll fill up quick, since you must install your games to the hard drive to even play them. Even better, you can only install it ONCE without paying an extra cost. Welcome our DRM overlords, consumer. As if that wasn’t enough, Microsoft opted to cater to an audience that is a little slim – gamers who are sports fans.

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Xbox One Stifles Indie Development by Forcing a Publisher on Every Game

Reports from Shacknews, Microsoft further limits the power of the indie development on the Xbox One. Matt Booty of Redmond Game Studios and Platforms confirms Indie Devs require a publisher to sell on Xbox One.

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Grand Theft Auto V Special Editions and Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

Rockstar Games released the features you’ll acquire in Grand Theft Auto V with a pre-order and the two special editions up for a further examination. First off, a Pre-Order for Grand Theft Auto V grants the “Atomic Blimp” to pilot around in Los Santos. Above, you can see the novel vehicle slowly make its way to somewhere. Here’s some lore, from Rockstar games, about the blimp because we needed it?

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Tiny Tina and Tabletop Gaming Headline Borderlands 2′s 4th DLC

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep” has been confirmed as the fourth and final DLC installment in Borderlands 2 (for now).  The official announcement possibly comes a bit sooner than Gearbox initially anticipated as it appears to have leaked in a tweet by Gearbox writer Anthony Burch. While snapping a candid photo of fellow employee Steve “Gibbie” Gibson snoozing on the job, Burch allegedly didn’t notice the conveniently placed giant poster featuring the title and artwork from the yet-to-be announced DLC. The original tweet was quickly deleted, but thankfully not before the guys at StealthyBox.com obtained the screenshot you see here. Whether this accidental photo is real, or an elaborate publicity stunt is anyone’s guess, but either way, the skag is out of the bag.

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