505 Games, the mastermind publisher funding the heist-driven sequel to PayDay the Heist, shares the pre-order bonuses for the totally retail PayDay 2. Simple (Physical Copies $40) pre-purchases for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 yield typical offerings of additional cash, special skins and weapons.

– Military red dot weapon sight available for use on all rifles and shotguns
– Bundle of in-game cash
– Exclusive skull mask
– Black and red mask color combination
– “I Love OVERKILL!” mask pattern

Steam Bonuses for the heist simulator include the above, but for $20 more you can obtain the “Career Criminal Edition.” In the $50 special Edition, the soundtrack, beta keys, and discounted purchases for PayDay 2 unlocks for continued efficient looting.

PAYDAY 2 original soundtrack
– Two beta keys – one to keep, one to give to a friend
– The Crime.net Deal – receive in-game discounts on all purchases in PAYDAY 2’s Crime.net
– Bain’s Guide To The Criminal Underworld – PAYDAY 2 crime boss Bain’s guide is a digital, must-have guide on heisting
– Blueprints for places to heist

PayDay 2 cashes in this August for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.PayDay 2