FTG Weekly Recap

Having trouble keeping up with all the gaming news on the internet? Don’t worry, FTG’s Weekly Recap features the biggest and most important stories of the week all in one place for your comfort.

This week, sit back and have some popcorn by your side as many trailers stole headlines for both brand new games and games which we already own but which still leave us wanting more. Other than that the crazy amounts of trailers it’s been a pretty quiet week, but not without it’s controversies and internet drama…

Sonic Lost World Debut Trailer Explores Sonic Platforming in a Different Way

Announced to “Introduce new gameplay and enemies,” Sonic Lost World looks to reinvigorate the series’ decade plus of mediocrity to downright filth. And with the freshly unveiled debut trailer, Sonic intrigues with Mario Galaxy esque platforming set in another Green Hill Zone variant area.

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Xbox One (Rumored) to be Priced at £399.99 ($600) and Released on November 30th

UK online videogame retailer Zavvi outed a possible price for the Xbox One of £399.99 (British Pounds) or $602.66 in American Dollars. The price is followed by a release date of Saturday November 30th 2013 for the Xbox One, which normally resides for a December 31st date with other retailers like with Amazon.

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Saints Row 4 Hails a New Video Series and Exposes “Commander-in-Chief” Edition Cover Art

Saints Row 4 already gave a hint at the bonkers Deep Silver and Volition promises, but now we got to see the cover of the limited “Commander-in-Chief” edition (See: New), flaunted before as a baseline pre-order bonus.

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Remember Me “More to Life Than Memory” Live-Action Trailer

DONTNOD Entertainment, made up of former Criterion Software and Ubisoft developers, edges near the release of their first game with a live-action trailer. The Remember Me video snap cuts various shots of life in 2084 Paris as Antoine, the narrator, reflects on human memory and human destructive nature. The somber trailer drags thru Nilin, the protagonist, as she struggles in the Bastille prison to where the story begins.

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Borderlands 2 Trailer — Krieg the Psycho Falls in Love


 Borderlands 2‘s Krieg the Psycho returns to CG screen with another trailer highlighting his insanity. The allied kamikaze sits atop a rock as a random marauder narrates his trek in Pandora, no wait. Krieg splits the gunman in two and reveals the reflective narrator as his inner voice, while the typical exclamatory language from a psycho eeks out.