Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 1.08.25 PMNintendo came out of the doors stumbling today while they presented their Nintendo Direct streams, priming it for the E3 audience. The streams were god-awful for the first ten minutes or so, but we’ll talk about that later. Let’s talk about the breadwinners – video games.

Nintendo came out of the gates strong with a focus on Pokemon. They dropped a semi-bombshell by revealing the Fairy-type. The new type boasts something huge for Pokemon fanatics – superiority over Dragon-types. Also featured was the new “Pokemon-Aime” feature. Nintendo loves their wordplay. It’s a new way of interacting with your Pokemon that goes above the level of a simple friendship system we’ve seen since Gold and Silver. The games ship out October 12 worldwide.


After Pokemon, Nintendo stuck to their guns, and announced a brand new Mario title. Super Mario 3D World is headed to the Wii U, and features the gameplay stylings of Super Mario 3D Land, though this time around it boasts new costumes, abilities, enemies, and full four-player co-op. It’s no Mario Galaxy, but it looks to be a great addition to a great game. It’s heading out this December, so at least there’s some holiday presence for the system. Sticking with Mario, we got a first look at Mario Kart 8. The game is looking to aim for lots of wall-sticking kind of racing, the kind of thing you’d find in an F-Zero game. Except F-Zero games don’t sell. I mean, if we could just get a Captain Falcon cameo, I’d be all set. With that being said, the game looks beautiful, and looks to add more life into the franchise than the Wii version did. However, it’s slated for a 2014 release. This would have been the perfect title for this holiday season, as Mario Kart flies off the shelves on whatever it’s put on.

Nintendo Direct


After that one-two punch of Mario goodness we hit the Wii Party titles. Wii Party U and Wii Fit U have both been delayed from the 2013 time slot. While not as much of a system seller as it was on the Wii, the Wii U doesn’t exactly benefit from not having much in its 2013 release window. After the tirade, the focus was shifted to the success of the MiiVerse system. They are expanding on the idea and boasting a new game entirely, Art Academy. Cue the 3rd party montage. Nintendo hones in on the third-party support the Wii U and 3DS will be holding, and it wasn’t a great selection, since the odds are high that you’d rather play them on other systems, right? Their attempts should be commended, as should their tacit support of the indie community.

Back to first party, they revealed gameplay of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on Wii U. Unsurprisingly, the game looks beyond gorgeous. The game’s set to come out later this year. It’s also set to add a new social feature involving fan “favorite” Tingle, and it looks to incorporate MiiVerse functionality. A cool bonus. Then comes out good old Donkey Kong. Retro is dipping their collective toes in the Donkey Kong well again with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. A bit of a ho-hum announcement, to be honest. I’m glad Donkey Kong is getting his time to shine, but I would probably maim somebody for another Metroid Prime game.

Bayonetta 2Bayonetta 2 was finally shown after all these months of anticipation. The game totally looks like what a Bayonetta sequel should look like – zany, fun to play, and looking as gorgeous as ever. There even was actual gameplay shown. Totally looks like a blast, can’t wait to get my hands on it, as the original was nothing short of fantastic.

Finally, Nintendo dropped the big guns. The next Super Smash Bros. is here! They showcased a few new stages and a staple of characters we’ve seen since the original. Everyone from Link to Samus to Pikachu is back, and was completely expected. Bowser and Pit return as well, but that was pretty expected as well. I’ll go as far as saying that anyone from original Smash Bros. and Melee has a great chance of making it in. However, a couple new faces were added to the fray. Dubbed “Villager”, the protagonist from Animal Crossing makes his way to the arena. Looks like a hilarious gimmick character in the spirit of Mr. Game and Watch. Awesome stuff. However, this was quickly overshadowed by the reveal that Mega Man is here! They showed him off in literally the best way possible, just like Solid Snake was revealed all those years ago.



The stream was fantastic….when it worked. The pre-recorded press conference had huge issues displaying to the rest of the world, and really showed a huge weakness for Nintendo. Why would essentially a Youtube video be so hard to showcase? It was unbearable, and a disaster for a long while. Conversely, they’ve been awesome about putting literally everything they’ve shown and more *on* Youtube. Be sure to check Nintendo Direct out.