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One of the hottest titles coming out of this year’s E3 2013 was the surprising coming-out party for Respawn Entertainment and Titanfall.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare creators Vince Zampella and Jason West of Infinite Ward created Respawn Entertainment after being very publicly fired from Activision, and most people would have presumed that their sophomore effort might have been more of the same or just trying to cash in on some of their prior Call of Duty glory.  However, after seeing the multiplayer demo of Titanfall, both I and most of the gaming press were instantly electrified.  Giant mech suits being called in like air drops to pilots who are zipping around the battlefield?  It appears that the Respawn team may have managed to make lightning strike twice with Titanfall.   Ergo, I immediately reached out to Respawn Entertainment’s Community Director and hardcore shooter fan girl, Miss Abbie Heppe, to try and pry some more details about their next incredible effort!

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Where can you find our guest, Abbie Heppe, or want to know more about Titanfall?:
Titanfall’s homepage, Respawn Entertainment!
Abbie Heppe (aka: Respawn’s Twitter handle): @Respawn

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