GuacameleeAfter a troubling patch, Guacamelee’s costume downloadable content rises from the grave, and the results are a lot better than you might expect. A glitch that led to a costume being permanently on you, the player, forced Guacamelee’s first downloadable content to be pulled, because the suit would block progress at times. However, Drinkbox cranked out the fix as soon as they possibly could, and along with the costume comes a nice, fresh update.

The Guacamelee Costume Pack is only $1.99, and the costumes are more than aesthetic charms. All three costumes offer unique powers. The Pollo Luchador is a chicken suit that will recover your health over time, but stamina will recover a lot slower than before. The Identity Swap costume will lower your grapple damage, but in exchange, your normal damage output increases. The Skeleton outfit gives out infinite stamina if the player does super combos the entire time, although health pickups are then forbidden. The game has trophies that are based on specific parameters you’ll follow in these costumes.

In the words of DrinkBox Studios co-founder Graham Smith:

A lot of people are asking for more content. We always wanted the player to be able to swap costumes as part of the full game, and we just didn’t have time to do it. Specifically, we wanted people to be able to play as Tostada when they’re playing on the Vita, and right now there’s no way for that to happen.

For a meager $2, you’ll get a lot out of a simple costume pack, and this definitely makes up for the bugs that came with the downloadable content earlier in the month. The Guacamelee costumes definitely add a bit of flavor to an already delicious game. We say, “buy them.”

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