mario kart 8, items, super marioWhen Mario Kart 8 was revealed at E3 just one month ago, we here at Front Towards Gamer were excited. New mechanics and new tracks meant the Mario Kart action was about to evolve again, bringing a new era of kart racing to the Wii U. Presumably, it’s also bringing new characters and items, and that second thing got us thinking. What items should be included in Mario Kart 8? Well, here are six of them, which is kind of the point of these lists.

#6. Ice Flower

mario kart 8, items, super marioThe Fire Flower has been a handy tool in the Mario Kart series, so why shouldn’t Mario Kart 8 include its cousin, the Ice Flower? In snow- or ice-themed levels in the main series, you can end up hitting obstacles like icicles or penguins. When this happens, your kart is temporarily frozen, leaving you without control as you inch forward at a very slow pace. With the Ice Flower, you’d be able to hit opponents and cause this effect, slowing them down and allowing you to pass.

#5. Red Coins

mario kart 8, items, super marioThis request comes in two parts. Mario Kart: Double Dash introduced – and was the only Mario Kart game to have – special items: extra powerful items for specific characters, like Bowser’s Giant Shell or Toad’s Golden Mushroom. First, Mario Kart 8 needs to bring these special items back, though not as items that can be picked up. Instead, a handful of coins along the track should be replaced with Red Coins. Collect eight (just like Mario would!), and you’ve unlocked that special item for use during the race. It would be a good way to balance out the ultra-powerful weapons while bringing back a missed feature for Mario Kart 8.

#4. Warp Whistle

mario kart 8, items, super marioThe Warp Whistle did just what it sounds like it would: teleported Mario further ahead in his adventure. This wouldn’t even need much changing for Mario Kart 8. Here’s how it would work: you get the Warp Whistle, you use it, and you warp a short distance ahead on the track. It would have to be rare item, of course, but it would be a great addition.

#3. Warp Pipe

mario kart 8, items, super marioWe know what you’re thinking: “How’s the Warp Pipe different from the Warp Whistle?” Well, here you go. When obtained, the Warp Pipe could be used to drop one end of the pipe onto the track, allowing you to drive into it. You’d then exit through the other end of the pipe one quarter to one half of a lap ahead. Here’s the catch: the pipe stays in place during the whole race, meaning everybody can use it for the duration, and it can only be used once. Oh yeah, Mario Kart 8 could be tricky if it uses this one.

#2. 1 Up Mushroom

mario kart 8, items, super marioOK, we’ll tell you right now that our idea for the 1 Up Mushroom isn’t as creative as some other entries. So why is it so high on the list? It’s the bloody 1 Up Mushroom, dude! It’s such a common item in other Mario games that it just has to show up in Mario Kart 8. As for our idea, using the 1 Up Mushroom could prevent you from one hit of damage (minus falls) from any source, which totally includes Blue Shells. Yeah, we said it wasn’t as creative…

#1. Kuribo’s Shoe

mario kart 8, items, super mario

Like the previous entry, this pick isn’t as creative. But here’s the deal: the Kuribo’s Shoe is one of the most pined-for items in Mario history. Since it’s debut – and only appearance! – in Super Mario Bros. 3, every Mario fan has begged for it appear again. Why not in Mario Kart 8? The Kuribo’s Shoe could protect karts from any floor-based traps or items (things like bananas, shells, or spikes) for a limited time. That’s what it did in SMB3, and that’s what it should do here. Just bring it back, Nintendo!

Top 6 Saturday is a weekly feature here at Front Towards Gamer. Named for our founder, Stephen “ShanghaiSix” Machuga, the Top 6 Saturday is our countdown of the top six things that are relevant that week. It’s like a Top 10, but not quite as robust!