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American McGee for Ozombie: Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 179


This week, we sit down with gaming developer legend, American McGee (yes, that is his real name) to discuss his latest project from his Shanghai-based development house, Spicy Horse.  The most recent game he’s working on, Ozombie, is in trouble over on Kickstarter and needs your help to get off the ground.  After a hopeful start, Ozombie has less than four weeks left and is only at $130,000 of the $950,000 its asking for, so we discuss Ozombie and what they’re going for with steampunk Dorothy and a tyrannical Scarecrow, some of the goals and challenges of getting funded via Kickstarter, and the big issue: confusion about the title of the game Ozombie having the word “Zombie” in the title only referring to a mob mentality of a population and not a flesh-eating pack of corpses (pending name change)!

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Where can you find our guest, American McGee, or want to know more about Ozombie?:
American McGee’s Ozombie Kickstarter Page
American McGee’s Spicy Horse Games Homepage

Hosts: Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga : (@ShanghaiSix)

Audio Editing: XXXXX “dingledodie” XXXXX (@dingledodie77)

Intro Music: “Bulls on Parade” (chiptune) by Dakota Clark
Interview Segment: “Silly Job Interview” by Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Outro Music: “Man with the Gun” by PRESS PLAY ON TAPE

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