Murdered Soul SuspectSenior Design Director Airtight Games, Eric Stutter, walks through the E3 demo of Murdered Soul Suspect. There, we see the ghastly Ronan O’Conner begin the case of his own murder as a transparent entity (ghost).

The adventure game sees O’Conner possessing humans to aid his investigation by mining information, eavesdropping conversations, and hiding from demons. Demons loiter around premises in search of souls like Ronan’s for the fleeting hope of regaining humanity, so the only way to destroy them is a quick back tap. Can’t say the 25-minute trailer did or didn’t impress, a strange yet intriguing adventure game mixing the detective work of LA Noire and Ghost Trick‘s premise.

Murdered Soul Suspect shifts early 2014 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.