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After plying an Apple employee with far too many margaritas at a Mexican restaurant, I happened to get a glance at their iPhone and was somewhat befuddled to see odd new icons staring back at me.  Was that some knockoff pre-paid iPhone from one of those telephone services you’d find between a “Sell Gold 4 Cash” and bail bond establishments?  While they were sporting an iPhone 5, the picture you see before you is the new iOS, iOS 7. When I asked them what they were doing with it, they claimed that high ranking folks were able to play around with it prior to it’s launch.

Now as Front Towards Gamer is a video game website and my not knowing much about Macs, iPhones and the like, I figured it was just a light content update.  Wrong-o again.  I was looking at the next Apple version of their iOS, iOS 7, which would be launching in September with the iPhone 5s.

What? Was that announced? iPhone 5S? I may not know Apple products, but I’m enough of a tech geek to know about a little something like the release of the iPhone 5s.  So I got to play around with the new iOS for all Mac devices, including the iPhone 5S.

Some of the new features for the iPhone 5S and iOS 7?  Pretty swanky:

Pull up box:

iPhone 5S, iOS 7, apple, mac, device, september, rumor, rumour, confirmed, release date, launch, date, sell, buy, amazonYou know that box that you pull down on your iPhone that shows you a running tally of everything that’s happened on your iPhone?  Well, now there’s a much more handy-dandy pull UP menu that includes, as you can see here, a built-in flashlight, clock/timer, calculator, quick camera button, Airplane mode, Wi-fi button, Bluetooth button, as well as a Lock and Sleep button.  On top of that, there are also AirDrop and AirPlay buttons which allow you to sync up documents and play videos between computers in the cloud.


The iPhone 5S picture mode will be a touch more robust.  On the actual iPhone 5S “camera”, there is a switch you can move back and forth between panoramic, regular, video and square pictures. On top of that, all pictures are now arranged not just in chronological order, but by the location you took them in as well, making searching through your pictures a hell of a lot easier.

iTunes Music?

Look out, Pandora, Apple is gunning for you! Apple now has it’s own music streaming service to rival the big wigs like Pandora and Spotify, complete with a button to purchase songs outright as you’re listening to them!

iOS or is that Windows 8?

I remarked over the fact that the windows, as I clicked different pop-up boxes, seemed to be tiered and zoom up like the design had relied heavily off of looking at Windows 8.

Wish I had more information about the iPhone 5S, but there wasn’t much to go off of except the fact that it was coming out in September, and that’s a hell of a lot more than I knew about going into the conversation.