Dead Rising 3From the Xbox Youtube channel, Executive Producer of Dead Rising 3, Josh Bridge, details the vast possibilities the Xbox One could wield. Bridge opens with a simple explanation of Dead Rising 3’s premise and canon within the universe to then lead into a rambling of what the Xbox One can do. “I hope everyone can see what we’ve been able to do with the Xbox One. The sheer amount of zombies, still in this rich open world, is always streaming,” Bridge said.

fair amount of PR fluff, the Xbox One could use some good PR and Bridge further explains the Kinect’s and SmartGlass’s role for Dead Rising 3.

“We’d started thinking about Kinect and how it will affect gameplay and I find how it’s really a casual experience. I can just hold a controller and just do a motion and push a zombie off make a much more natural, engaging experience which fits perfectly in the core gameplay…SmartGlass is a way to have a hand in the game in a way you might not be able to do with your joystick alone. Press a button, call in some airstrikes and go boom.”

Pretty ambitious for a next-gen launch title, hopefully the “non-controller” integration leads to some applicable use coinciding with the joystick.

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