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Bluetooth headsets have come a long way from the single-ear microphone that made the user look part sci-fi, part crazy person talking to themselves. Today headsets have become full-fledged headphones and microphones in one, last longer, look better, and lost weight doing so. There are more forms than manufacturers out there, and there are many producers of these accessories. One maker of headsets, headphones, and many more accessories, TekNmotion, created the Airhead BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset as their latest in their lineup.

The sleek design and light-weight materials immediately standout as the key appeal of the Airhead BT upon first glance. The design compliments the portability by folding to fit in most pockets. Don’t let the light materials fool you though. Despite not wishing to mar the smooth plastic finish, the Airhead BT headset is durable enough to take a beating.

Airhead BT - Folding

Sleek design with minimal button inputs and that darn Mini-USB port.

An internal metallic flex-band allows for plenty of adjustment without causing the tight pinching others might experience when fully stretched. The ear pad section extends 1.25 inches (nearly 32 millimeters) on each side to accommodate most users while maintaining a comfortable fit. Each speaker rotates from a standard position to the more portable 90 degree flat position. There is a slight angle in the opposite direction though with only a slight give. These features combined with the lycra mesh ear pads and adjustable length make the Airhead BT Headsets comfortable enough for hours of wear on end.

Luckily, the lithium ion battery lasts the approximately ten hours of advertised hours of operation. In most cases we experienced this amount of time. Though depending on the usage, we did occasionally experience nearly 12 hours of listening. The battery does add most of the weight to the headset. Unfortunately, it uses the Mini-USB port that other products have moved away from. This means yet one more electronic charging block to add to the pile.

Airhead BT - Folded Ear View

Folded in the flat position.

The controls are basic, consisting of the standard six buttons: Skip Forward, Backward, Power, etc., that have become expected of most headsets. The setup and use are standard as well. Setup is easy and consistent across tablets, phones, and other devices. Once the layout of the buttons is learned use without looking becomes second nature.

Of course, when it comes to headphones, the most important factor is the sound. In this respect the Airhead BT Headsets don’t perform as well as their design. Primarily dependent on the source of the sound, whether music, podcast or video, the Airhead BT doesn’t bring much else to the table. Aside from some volume controls (which don’t offer much control at that), there are no options for any other sound control. This shouldn’t be confused with the quality of the sound however, as whatever is being played sounds clear and as losses as any plug-in headphones of a similar design.

Besides the lack of any bass or other further controls, the main issue with the Airhead BT lies in the same features that make it great. The comfortable mesh ear pads feel fine, but they don’t offer much in the way of sound exclusion. These pads sit directly on the ear and only muffle outside noises slightly, which works great in a working environment, but not so much on a busy, crowded train. The smooth plastic casing and metal flex-band fit the wearer well, but it doesn’t offer much grip. This can lead to slipping when moving quickly or bending down.

Airhead BT - Folded_edited-1

Despite the name, the Airhead BT is a smart choice.

Despite these flaws the Airhead BT will quickly became the choice set of headphones on the go for almost anyone. Whether in the workplace, commuting ,or at home they offer great quality sound and comfort to listen well into the night. The quick recharge (approximately two hours) means the Airhead BT can be used all day at work and recharge in as much time as the typical commute. When it comes to Bluetooth headphones a clear sound and consistent connection are qualities that can’t be sacrificed. The Airhead BT Headset lives up to these and more.

The Airhead BT is not for those looking to use during a workout by any stretch due to their tendency to slip. Anyone looking for great quality sound in a comfortable design that functions great to boot, that’s who the Airhead BT‘s are for.

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Airhead BT

The Airhead BT Headset was provided by PR for review and can be purchased from CompuExpert for $59.99.

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