Black Ops 2In lieu with the cycle of Call of Duty content, as hype surges for Ghosts, Black Ops 2 inches closer to pass the torch of gaming dominance with the fourth and final DLC pack plaguing wallets and hours. Revolution, Uprising, Vengeance, and now Origins round out the extended content for Black Ops 2 with a quite interesting premise, at least, what’s in the trailer that is.

Flashes of trench warfare (hinting at Treyarch’s earlier Call of Duty game of World at War) interchange between pan ups of leather and the eventual reveal of a giant mech about to stomp a camera fill the 90-minute trailer. Complete with an obvious and banal tagline, ripped from a flunked-out film study student’s scribbles, of “Every story has a beginning…And an end.”

Expect whatever Origins may be to conclude Black Ops 2’s onslaught of content coming later this month for Xbox, then everywhere else a month later.

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