Game Music Corner

Welcome to Front Towards Gamer’s video game music retrospective, Game Music Corner. Each article will feature some of the best that video game music has to offer, from the NES to the PlayStation 3 and everything in between with some of gaming’s greatest melodies.

With the upcoming release of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, the magical melodies of Mario have been circling throughout my head. While the iconic tunes of the NES-era still resonate with many, I find the incredibly serene tracks of Super Mario Galaxy just as delectable.  Yes, exploring the vast regions of space was made all the better by some of the best musical compositions Nintendo has ever dished out. Let’s start out swinging with the most prolific track.

Above: Just a glimpse into the musical splendor that is Galaxy.

Above: What a melancholy way of introducing you to this world…

Above: Easily the most iconic track. Just listen to it soar!

Above: Definitely invokes a sense of exploration never seen by Mario.

Above: Brings back memories of some of Mario’s most iconic desert levels, no doubt.

Above: Gotta love the remixes!