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Guild Wars 2 Keyboard Lights Up the Way You Play

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 brought a lot to the MMO table last year. Active participation in combat, difficulty scaling with friends of varying levels, and best of all, no annoying monthly subscription, which is great to not to turn gaming into a chore. Developer, ArenaNet, saw fit to help players gain a tactile edge with keyboard under their stamp of approval.

The SteelSeries produced gaming keyboard consists of raised macro keys on the most pertinent buttons (WASD, 1-4), red backlight, bumps bulging from the W key, and a fatter space bar indicating faster. Then add the customary, if not expected in all keyboards, adjustable angle. Packaged along with the keyboard is added bonus of the Guild Wars 2 gaming mouse for limited time, as of course, tailored toward the branded game. For further information, check out the full press release here.

The final price and of the stark red and contrasting black piece of gaming equipment comes down to a hefty listing of $79.99 for an August 26 release. Scoff at design and practicality of the custom-made peripherals, it’s always those little things making the slightest of differences within the game.

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