saints row IV, white house, deep silver

 It’s no surprise Saints Row IV delivers a powerful package, but before the August 20th release, the public needs to know the voices behind the insanity. This new trailer primes us for what has to come, as if the wait was palpable enough, like returning characters and sound bytes from the voice actors. So please, enjoy the sparse bits gameplay for various exclamatory quotes!

Terry Crews (Ben King) “It takes the same amount of effort as you would in a movie”

Daniel Dae Kim (Johnny Gat) “It’s almost a daily occurence when one of my followers on twitter will ask me ‘what’s happening with Johnny Gat? What’s happening with Saints Row IV?’ It’s a testament how powerful this game is to the gaming community”

Laura Bailey (Female Default) “There’s no separation of gender in this game, you can be anything you wanna be and there’s no difference in the way people interact around you.”

Blonde Nolan North, Troy Baker (Male Default) “Saints Row doesn’t bother asking ‘why?’ Just asks why not?”

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